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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  March 31, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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flight. the rebels were moving away from tripoli. moammar gadhafi's regaining ground, but he's lost something that might matter more. libyan foreign minister, mus musa kusa, defected to britain. gadhafi's right-hand man, blamed by some for orchestrating the lockerbie bombing. but without getting immunity, he switched sides. >> the point is, the pressure on gadhafi is intense. the people around him are realizing that their days -- the days of this regime are numbered. >> reporter: it's a value occasion occasiondation of the obama plan to destroy gadhafi's deadliest weapons. this was a belgian f-16 attack yesterday. and tip the balance to the rebels without sending in u.s. ground forces. >> the removal of moammar gadhafi will likely be achieved overtime through political and economic measures and by his own people. >> reporter: defense secretary gates convinced some on capitol hill. not others. >> what is humanitarian about
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providing to one side of the conflict the ability to wage war against the other side? >> reporter: the obama administration will not confirm reports that teams of u.s. cia agents are on the ground now in libya, helping the rebels regroup and turn back toward tripoli. >> but add the miles an hour is telling congress, there's still no u.s. move to send heavier weapons to the rebels. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. virginia senator jim webb is among the members of congress who did not favor military intervention in libya. he says president obama acted unilaterally and should have involved congress first. because there were no americans in danger. >> i think there were legitimate questions about the legality or the constitutionality of how the president moved forward in his initial decision to take military action in libya.
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>> senator webb says congress should be involved in the next phase of any action that involves libya. whether gadhafi's regime falls or a stalemate on the ground develops. a university of maryland student was murdered nearly three months ago. and today, police announced two arrests. pat collins joins us live with more on what happened to 22-year-old justin de shea overcash. pat? >> reporter: wendy, they got one suspect over the weekend, one suspect last night. the college park murder case is now closed. with somewhat of a surprise ending. >> that's unbelievable! i can't believe that. >> reporter: a neighbor of stephan weaver reacts to his arrest in a college park murder case. >> he was a friend of mine son and a very nice boy so i'm shocked. >> reporter: 22-year-old stephan weaver, charged as the wheelman. 23-year-old deandre williams, charged as the trigger man.
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williams and weaver both have been linked to the highly publicized murder of maryland student justin overcash. overcash, a 22-year-old double major at maryland, shot and killed inside this student group home back on january 11th. this came in the beginning of the year when prince george's county experienced a spree of homicidal violence. 12 murders in 12 days. according to court documents, they targeted that student group home on 38th avenue because it had a substantial amount of money, and illegal substances. did you get statements from the suspects? >> yes, we did. both admitted their involvement in the crime. >> reporter: karen de shea is the victim's mother. she said her son was not involved in any illegal drug activity in that group home. she says she is happy about the arrest.
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>> it's just amazing, they were able to do this, to pull it all together, and find the person who murdered my son. >> reporter: suspect weaver lived here in bu bowie, a graduate of de matha high school, a baseball player there. suspect williams carries an address on field place northeast. according to court documents, williams, the alleged triggerman, was arrested december 18th, 2010, in the district for carrying a pistol without a license. three days later on december 21st, he was released on personal recognizance. 21 days later, justin overcash murdered in college park. that d.c. gun case is still pending. in fact, that d.c. gun case is on hold now. it appears there's a murder trial in deandre williams'
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future. wendy, back to you. >> all right, pat collins, thank you, pat. right now, three men are being held without bond for killing a delivery worker over free pizza and chicken wings. paul bennett was shot and killed sunday night while making a domino's pizza run in seat pleasant. his family says he was working two jobs to help pay for his son's first birthday party. sources tell news4, the suspects only made off with the food. they didn't take any money. police found $53 on bennett's body. the next court date for the suspects is at the end of april. a woman who worked for the charles county, maryland public school system has been accused of stealing money intended for low-income students. her name is rita barnes thomas. she was in charge of a government program that provided federal funds to that district. officials say she stole more than $100,000 from the program so she could buy sony playstations, wii games and
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apple mac books for herself and family. if convicted shrks e could get years in prison. police are still trying to identify a man hit and killed by a train last night in prince gorges county just after midnight at the riverdale rail station along queensberry road. investigators say they found that man's body lying next to the tracks. our local law enforcement says too many pedestrians are getting run over in our area. a "washington post" report finds vehicles are hitting pedestrians at least three times a day on average in the district. last year, the number of pedestrians hit went up 25% from the previous year. in response, police are kicking off a new campaign to warn walkers, bikers and drivers to obey the traffic laws. and those who violate them will be ticketed. a sophomore has been kicked out of the u.s. naval academy for using synthetic marijuana.
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the academy says a total of 12 midshipmen have been expelled on an investigation that centered on a synthetic marijuana called spice. it contains organic leaves coated with chemicals. it gives a marijuana-like high when you smoke it. it's banned by the defense department and banned by the navy. miserable afternoon. wet and gloomy. tedious. >> doug, i don't know what your meteorological term is, but mine is yuk. >> yeah, that's what we put on the map today, vance, was yuk. that's exactly what we're going to be seeing throughout the evening hours, and maybe for some of tomorrow, as well. live digital doppler radar showing a few showers out there, but it's not really the showers, it's just the darch damp and dreary and chilly conditions that have a lot of us in a little funk out there. we do have those showers continuing, though. we'll see more showers throughout the evening. currently, only 42 degrees, our actual high temperature should be around 60. winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour. temperatures around the region
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into the upper 30s up towards ha hagerstown 39, and 44 in fredricksburg. expect more shower activity throughout the night tonight. tomorrow morning, cold and, yes, more yuk. >> all right. thanks. in spite of this yukky weather, thousands of people turned out today down at nationals park. they were there to hear what many people considered the true harbinger of spring. two words. play ball. john schriffen is out there. he heard them say that. john. >> reporter: well, jim, good evening. it certainly didn't feel like spring this afternoon. the game wrapped up just a few hours ago. unfortunately, did not go according to plan. the nationals' bats just diplomat show up and they lost the braves 2-0. now, the good news, the rain let up, they got the game in. and fans were able to enjoy this unique opening day experience. >> go nats!
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>> reporter: they came by the thousands, fired up, because baseball is back. >> what are you looking forward to today? >> a win. >> reporter: do you think they're going to win today? >> they're going to win. >> reporter: democr definitely,? definitely. >> you're supposed to be in school? >> yes. >> reporter: but you don't care? >> no. >> reporter: the wet weather stole the show. for the die-hard nationals' fans, it didn't matter. tell me how you got prepared today. >> four layers. i've got my long johns under the jeans, so i'm feeling pretty warm right now. >> reporter: you've also got a nice, warm drink. >> yeah, hot chocolate. i'm afraid i'm not getting ice cream today. ♪ in a white room mooul with black curtains ♪ >> reporter: to get pumped up, hundreds packed into the bull pen to enjoy music, bean bag toss, even a fast pitch competition. >> reporter: what better way to start off than with a hot dog? if you wanted to get a real one, you've got to come here to ben's chili bowl. how do we put together a famous chili dog?
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>> first, you start off with the hot dog on the bun. you get some onions, a little bit of shredded cheese. that's what makes the customers come back. >> reporter: that's like a full meal right there. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: let's get in here, dig into the ben's chili bowl chili dog. mmmm. that's amazing. that's how you start off the season. once inside, fans got a glimpse of their favorite players like ryan zimmerman and newcomer jayson werth. >> how do you think the nats are going to do this year? >> good. >> reporter: yeah? world series? >> no. >> reporter: no? he's honest. yeah, that young man looked at me like i was crazy. this team may not be playoff-bound this year. we'll see. but today the aannouncement was made it wasn't even a sellout. in fact, at its peak, probably
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half full inside the stadium. with y but the fans were rewarded, everyone got to take home this lovely nats' free bauble cap. live at the park, jim and wendy, ba in the studio. >> you did get a couple hats, right? that's a given. >> reporter: i wish. but jim, you can have it. >> you're the man up in here. that's what i was waiting to hear. >> he also wants a hot dog. >> yeah, bring me back a chili bowl special. half smoke for me. thanks, man. dan hellie was also down there. how did the game turn out, dan? >> reporter: oh, the game, not so good, jim. we're going to be showing you all of the highlights, and the lowlights from that. we're also talking high school basketball. a local team going for a national championship. the wizards duking it out with the heat last night. and the nationals' defense was fantastic. their hitting, not so much. news4 at 6:00 continues. also ahead in our broadcast, why radiation has been found in
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milk in parts of the united states. shuttle commander mark kelly is waiting to find out whether his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords, can attend the launch next month. construction seems to be everywhere you look along northern virginia highways, causing commuters delays and pain. this is chris gordon. this is chris gordon. ha great looking lawn like this,
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the husband of injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords is hoping to bring his wife to nasa's next shuttle launch. today mark kelly said he's waiting for doctors to give the okay. he told reporters, he's pretty hopeful she will be able to make it to his april 19th liftoff. it will be space shuttle "endeavor's" final flight. as you recall, she was shot in the head in an assassination attempt in january in tucson. a number of dignitaries today paid their respects at the funeral of geraldine ferraro. both clintons and walter monday dale joined family and friends at the church in new york city, as well as the two former governors of new york. ferraro was selected by mondale back in 1984.
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ferraro had once served in congress, as well. she died on saturday at the age of 75. as the disaster in japan continues to unfoed, there is more evidence that the damaged nuclear complex there is still leaking a lot of radiation. the groundwater under one reactor is now showing radiation levels 10,000 times higher than they should be. radiation in the sea water near the plant has also grown to nearly 4,400 times the amount allowed by law. the government is being pressured to extend the evacuation zone around that plant. concerns about that nuclear disaster in japan are growing here in this country. traces of radiation have now been detected in milk, in cows in california and washington state. however, experts say the levels are so low that the milk is still safe to drink. as kristin dahlgren reports,
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that has not eased the fears of shoppers. >> reporter: at grocery stores across the country, concern today. >> i probably wouldn't trust it completely. >> after trace levels of radiation, thought to be from japan's crippled nuclear plant were found in milk in this country. >> what is trace, and what does that really mean? >> reporter: experts say it means low readings of iodine 131 first measured in a sample from spokane, washington march 25th and another from san luis obispo, california on the 28th. a spokesman says the radiation most likely came from a cow who had contaminated grass or rain water. but the levels in the milk are so low, scientists say they're not dangerous. >> a lot of things that you eat can have radioactive materials. but all those things contribute to what we call natural background radiation, which is a lot higher than what we're seeing from this fallout from the japanese plant. >> reporter: washington's governor compared the radiation found in a pint of milk to what you would get during a five-hour flight.
6:18 pm
>> the chance of it being a risk are extremely low. >> reporter: still, it's little comfort for those opposed to nuclear energy. >> every bit of radiation gives you that much of more risk. >> reporter: concerns that seem to be shared by many now. geiger counters are hard to come by on store shelves or websites. while some shoppers are spending a little more time to see where products come from. as the disaster in japan grows, it's radiation and resulting fears seeming to spread a little more each day. milk, rain and drinking water are normally only checked for radiation a few times a year. but the epa now says it is upping its monitoring of all three. on capitol hill, kristen dahlgren, news4. still ahead in our broadcast, they're being called the albany seven. the lottery winners come forward to collect their jackpot. strong, powerful winds swept across florida and left behind a lot of damage. and doug is going to come and doug is going to come back to tell us what the weekend
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so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. anniversary. last night, current and founding members stood around a big cake inside the capitol statueary hall.
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speakers exchanged personal stories of struggle and determination. the caucus has been credited with helping to expand voting rights, securing a national holiday in honor of dr. martin luther king jr., and encouraging diversity within the white house. the national urban league is out with its annual state of black america report. the urban league released its findings this morning at howard university. this year's report found that african-americans are more likely to be poor and jobless in the current economic slump. so the league's top official declared war on unemployment. dc's mayor vincent gray was there today, and talked about the local situation. >> historically, we have been in an economy that has been based on government, and hospitality and tourism. and we have got to be able to grow beyond that. we now are focusing increasingly on green jobs, which, of course, are environmentally friendly. but beginning to train our people for jobs that are different than what they have been trained for in the past.
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>> reporter: the urban league's recommendations for jobs included relaunching the youth summer job program, and expanding lending to small businesses. well, severe storms packed with high winds and some heavy rain ripped through parts of central florida today. the storm wreaked havoc in passco county. flooding roads, damaging homes, a tent collapsed, injuring several people. it caused similar damage in seminal county, sending st. louis park flying in jacksonville, leaving thousands without power. my goodness, things are rough all over. >> yeah, about six tornado reports down there, and it does look like at least one tornado did touch down in the central florida during the day today. so some severe weather big-time for them. for us, just the nasty weather. not good at all. cold, cloudy, rainy. the whole thing. typical february day. but hey, we're almost towards april. it's not supposed to be this cool. average high temperature this time of year around 61 degrees.
6:24 pm
and right now we are sitting in the low 40s, a very cool, cloudy and damp, dreary day outside. you can see right now we are dealing with a little bit in the way of some light rain, if not some drizzle across parts of the area. most of that now making its way into montgomery county in through frederick county along 270 towards gaitherburg, clarksburg, rain over the next couple hours. that rain will settle across the area. so expect more shower activity throughout the night tonight. zoom into this area, you can see we're talking towards clarksburg seeing the rain. most on the light to moderate side. don't expect heavy rain overnight tonight, and most of us will end up with drizzle. the high today, only 42 degrees. that's nearly 20 degrees below average and it's been the ninth day in a row with temperatures below average. and, of course, today was the opening for the nationals. last year opening day, 83 degrees. what a difference a year makes. out there right now, 42, wind chill of 38, winds out of the east at about 7 miles per hour. that's going to put our wind
6:25 pm
chills into the 30s everywhere this afternoon. currently, 39 in martinsburg, 45 in cull approximate culpepper and so a very cold and chilly afternoon. look at the wind providing us with that chill 37 in quantity co. leonard town, 40 degrees. things won't get much better. take a look at the mid atlantic. only 36 right now in pittsburgh. 38 in columbus, ohio. and raleigh, north carolina, only 47. so we're not alone in this. much of the eastern half of the nation on the cold side of things. the good news is, things start to get better for us over the next couple days. we do have a little area of low pressure, though, to our south and west that's going to make its way into our area overnight tonight. that will give us more shower activity throughout the evening and into the overnight hours. probably during rush hour tomorrow morning, as well. although it's not going to be that heavy rain. we will see that rain exit the region, and then we're just left with some chilly air during the day tomorrow. i do think we'll at least make our way into the 50s tomorrow,
6:26 pm
but with cloud cover during the afternoon, it does look like it's going to be another fairly chilly day. you'll still need the jacket across our region. even better news, though, we are going to warm up towards the weekend as temperatures will get close to 60 degrees. i do think we'll have another chance of showers early in the day on saturday. but sunday right now is looking very, very nice with plenty of sunshine. this evening, scattered light rain showers around. drizzle, too. chilly, 44, dropping to 40 degrees in the area. tomorrow morning, you wake up to temperatures on the cold side. 33, well to our north and west. and that could lead to some snow west of i-81. i don't expect accumulation here, but you could wake up to some snow out here so watch out for that. isolated rain for the most part and for most of us. late afternoon sunshine, that would be nice. windy, though. winds out of the northwest or becoming northwesterly at 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures do move back up around that 50 degree mark. 56 on saturday, maybe some early showers. and then 59 on sunday. right now, sunday looking like a great day.
6:27 pm
the kidney walk coming up in restin. sunday afternoon. should be great for that. then monday, temperature of 60 degrees with some thunderstorms likely late in the day. and that could lead to some big-time warm-up. 70s during the day on tuesday. and at least we stay on that mild trend through middle part of next week. >> finally. >> good. thanks, doug. >> you're welcome. in our next half hour, why american university students are unhappy about the school's policy on sexual assault. also, vdot has revealed the headaches that drivers can expect from brac. i'm julie carey in prince william county, where dozens of homeless men and their encampments were cleared out today by virginia state police and vdot. we'll tell you why authorities acted, coming up. in sports, it looks like the nationals left their bats down in florida. the capitals trying to get back on track tonight. on[ male announcer ] this year, get the most out of your lawn
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. the police in prince george's county have arrested two men for the murder of a university of maryland student. 22-year-old justin overcash was found shot and killed back in january. both suspects have been charged with first degree murder. the police believe the motive was robbery for drugs and money. three suspects accused of killing a pizza delivery driver
6:31 pm
were ordered held without bond today. police also revealed the suspects didn't take any money from the driver. officers say the motive was just to get the pizza and the chicken wings. there are reports today that libya's foreign minister has flown to england and has defected. the white house says that's a sign moammar gadhafi's regime is falling apart. nevertheless, gadhafi's forces today made gains on the battlefield against the rebels there. drivers will face more delays as construction continues across northern virginia. >> today, though, vdot promised a major road improvements within the next two years. chris gordon has our report. >> reporter: vdot's mega projects. taken together, at an estimated cost of $6 billion, virginia's mega projects may be the biggest infrastructure improvement program in the country. vdot today updated progress. the headline about hot lanes, they're half done.
6:32 pm
express toll lanes. >> end of 2012, great new choices ahead for motorists, especially from the 95 corridor to the tysons corner area and dulles toll road. >> reporter: the dulles corridor metro rail project is due to open phase one with service from washington to tysons corner and on to restin in 2013. >> we have five stations in that segment, all five of them are under construction and four of them are in tysons corner. >> reporter: then there's brac, the base realignment project that will crowd i-95 with cars going to ft. belvoir and seminary road as department of defense employees are reassigned here by september. >> i think what these facilities will do is create two additional bottlenecks on 95 and 395. >> reporter: do you think after this construction is completed things are going to get better, it's going to be worth it? >> i'm not sure. because i'm going to move out from this area. >> reporter: why? >> i can't deal with this traffic. >> it will definitely help the area economically, get more folks through here, quicker and
6:33 pm
hopefully make everybody's commute a little bit shorter, as well. >> reporter: vdot says construction will cost more lane closings, especially nights and weekends but they urge commuters to be patient and the payoff will be in 2012 when the hot lanes will open along the beltway. and the first phase of the dulles train service will be open between washington and restin in 2013. in northern virginia, chris gordon, news4. metro riders across the region may soon face longer wait times because of service cuts. metro officials said they are trying to close in on a $72 million funding gap. the agency's board of directors is now asking local jurisdictions in virginia, maryland and the district to make up for what they call underperforming routes. the list of possible service cuts would include longer waits between trains and cutting some bus routes. that vote is expected on april 14th. today, a group of students at american university rallied against the administration
6:34 pm
because of funding -- because of funding for sexual assaults. students learned last week that the university did not submit an application to receive a $300,000 grant that would work towards preventing sexual assaults on the campus. the grant would have paid for resources for survivors, and education programs to spread awareness on the campus. the university's vice president has voiced concerns about forcing students to attend sexual assault training. d.c. council member marian berry is dealing with his own car controversy. his silver jaguar recently got booted for unpaid parking tickets. and according to the records obtained by the "washington post," his vehicle never registered. the license plates on the car are apparently from his old car, which has since been sold. berry told "the washington post" the dealership misplaced the car's title and when he receives
6:35 pm
it, he will register it. about 100 homeless people have been kicked out of the only place they had to live. today officials in virginia cleared out a homeless camp in dale city near i-95. the clover leaf exit over 95. they say it's in the interest of safety. julie carey has our report. >> reporter: moving day came suddenly for dozens of homeless men and women who live in tents alongside the dale city interchange on i-95. virginia state police made final sweeps through the encampments, notifying residents who hadn't already heard they had to pick up by day's end. >> confused. don't know where to go. >> i mean, you push the homeless people into the street, we're going to have to sit up there and go in behind neighborhoods and stuff like that. we have no place to go. >> reporter: for these men who maintain a neat, elaborate campsite, it's a tall order to relocate in a day. still, they are resigned. >> we've got to move, we've got to move. that's -- you know, i guess
6:36 pm
that's the bottom line. but -- >> reporter: as many as 80 to 100, mostly men and a few women, live in the woods here. while authorities have overlooked the homeless camps for years, vdot says a recent citizen complaint to a prince william county delegate led to the decision to clear the area. safety is the chief concern, with the homeless men and women crossing back and forth on interstate ramps. >> so motorists coming through may encounter a pedestrian, may not expect to see someone walking across the ramp. so it's for the safety of the individuals living here as well as travelers moving through the area. >> reporter: various church members came to help the homeless pack up. >> you know, they don't have transportation to move things so i'm doing the best i can. to help them relocate. >> reporter: to make matters worse, a nearby hypothermia shelter closes for the season april 1st. state police say they encountered little trouble when they asked the residents to pack up and leave. most of them, they say, were compliant. there were three homeless people, however, that refused to leave their homes. if they're not out by the end of
6:37 pm
the day, they'll be cited for trespassing. troopers assured residents, as long as they made progress moving, they wouldn't take their belongings. but camp sites left behind were dismantled and hauled off in dump trucks. in prince william county, jewel le ly carry, news4. >> police identified a man who was wanted on a warrant living in the woods. still ahead, actress betty white so successful she landed her own reality show. >> jumps in front of me, and i'm like, maybe i should say something. that was pretty rude. encouragi
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6:40 pm
cancer survival today. death american men and women with cancer continue to decline between the years 2003 and 2007. that comes in a new report from the national institutes of health and the american cancer society. that report also found a slight decline, less than 1%, in new cancer diagnosis over the same time period. the number of new cancer patients under age 19 went up. but deaths among those young patients also declined.
6:41 pm
>> come on, doug says we could have a break waiting for us out there in the week. >> i think a good break. and that's most likely going to come during the day sunday. a lot of people asking what's going on with my wrist. i did have some surgery. you may see this cast on here a couple of months, but no worries. this is my forecasting happened hand but i'll be okay. outside more rain across the area live digital doppler radar moving into montgomery county and frederick county, also howard county. so you're going to see that rain on the light side for the most part. but maybe a few moderate showers enough to keep the windshield wipers going. more rain across the rest of the area, as well. and that's what we'll be dealing with throughout the night tonight. dipping down to 38 inside washington back towards martinsburg, 34 degrees. snow towards that area. i'm not expecting anything in the way of accumulation, but don't be surprised to see snow out there when you wake up tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow into the 50s. 54 in washington, 53 in warrenton, and i think we will see some sunshine late in the afternoon. >> all right.
6:42 pm
sounds good. there are no plans -- there are no signs that betty white has any plans to slow down. the agelesses 89-year-old's newest adventure is reality television. the show will use hidden cameras to capture pranks of senior citizens. she starred on "golden girls" and won an emmy. an air date has not been announced. busy day down at the ballpark today. dan and lindsay out there in the cold. but they're young, they can handle it. what's up? >> hey, jim and wendy, we're talking baseball. and also capitals. >> and the wizards. they're waiting to find out if the brawl could cost them some time. as for the game at nationals park today, the bats did not come alive. we'll tell you
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
all right. so it was a lousy day down there, dan and lindsay. but you know, i guess it's something to be said for the pitching or something. but 2-0 is not all that bad from the atlanta braves. i mean, that's a good ball team. >> yeah, it is. and it could have been a lot worse. did you know between the two starting pitchers today, derek lowe for the braves and hernandez for the nats, they're 73 years old?
6:46 pm
37 and 36. >> i didn't think about that. they're ancient by baseball standards. >> i think so. but there was a lot they were pleased with, just not the final score. >> yeah, final score, 2-0. only ten hits combined between the two teams. don't know if the weather had anything to do with that, but it was quite chilly today. let's take a look at the highlights. safe to say, more like football weather than baseball weather. the fans all bundled up, hoping to see some good things from that guy, jayson werth coming in from center field. first inning, nationals down 1-0. werth takes derek lowe into center field. it's a single. his first and only hit of the day. couple of batters later, michael morse who has been playing great in spring training at the plate. the lowe gets him to ground out here. he struck out 6 and 5 in 2 1/3 innings. top of the second, hernandez facing jason hayward, and
6:47 pm
hayward takes in a yard. second straight year he has hit a home run on opening day. gives the braves a 2-0 lead. sixth inning, werth makes the tumbling catch in right field. that saves a run. and then in the seventh, a man on for dan, ryan zimmerman with a nice play. they get the out at second, but can't get ugla at first. lots of defense for the nats, but unable to get the bats. rick ankiel goes down looking for kimball. a nasty wurve ball there. nats and braves each with five hits. but the braves come out on top, 2-0 in a te pitchers' dual. >> just unfortunate that we played such a good ball game, but just really couldn't put a rally together on lowe early. and he got better and better as it went. >> a lot of good stuff today. probably the best i've seen him pitch in a long time.
6:48 pm
had good stuff, too. he was -- after they got those two runs, he really settled in and pitched a good game. you know, we had some opportunities, like i said, and unfortunately, we didn't get it done. but, you know, it's just one game. >> and the funny thing is, werth said -- what did he tell you? he likes playing in the rain. >> he said he likes playing in the rain because that's when good things always happen. we've got to follow up on that. i'm not sure. sounds good to me. but a lot of these guys said the weather didn't bother them, but there were some adjustments the guys had to deal with. here's what the players had to say. >> it was tough. i mean, couldn't really feel my toes out there. luckily enough, i was able to feel the seams on the baseball, which is all you want to do as a pitcher. but once the adrenaline gets going, the blood starts flowing, you don't think about it too much. >> they weren't that bad, to tell you the truth. i think -- it got a little cold at the end, but as long as it's not windy, it's fine. and the rain -- the field was perfect.
6:49 pm
so it was good. >> it was cold. but, you know, you just can't even think about the conditions. you've just got to play the game, because they're in it, too. so -- >> it's old hat for those guys. you know who else enjoys the cold? remember caps' forward chris clark? i saw him here yesterday because he now plays for the blue jackets from ohio who are in town to obviously play the capitals tonight. pretty interesting. he said he's injured, can't play, but he wanted to convince his team to let him come along on the road just to see this game, the nationals' game today. so tonight, the capitals play the blue jackets. they have a good chance at some playoff positioning here, because the blue jackets are one of the worst in the western conference. let me take you to the ice. the capitals certainly hoping to take advantage of this chance. alex ovechkin returned to the lineup tuesday night against carolina after missing three games because of injury. but he came up short in the shootout against the hurricanes. the caps have now lost two of their last three following tuesday night's loss to a
6:50 pm
carolina team, very much in the playoff hunt. that may end the caps' hopes. it has bruce boudreau concerned about momentum heading into the playoffs. >> the way i think, when you're not number one, worry. we were number one for the last year, number two the year before. and then obviously, something has happened, so it bugs the hell out of me we're not where we should be. we want to go in, playing the best we can. i think we had a really great stretch of ten games there. or 11 games. and then we sort of slid a little bit and got by, but didn't play as good. and we want to get back to -- our last five games to play the best we can play. >> bruce boudreau and the caps sitting pretty, though. >> they look in good position at the number two seed, chasing the flyers. but here's what concerns me. if they stay at number two and the rangers stay at seven, that's a touch match up for them. >> good point. moving on to basketball, the wizards and the heat last night, vance said it best, went to a basketball game and a boxing match broke out. the final score, not indicative
6:51 pm
of all of the things that went on there last night. it was a wild one in china town before the game. john walsh saying hi to his good buddy, lebron james. second quarter, things getting ugly. zid ruin ilgauskas. gets fed up and drills him right in the ribs. now, big z, 7'3", 260. wall, 6'4", and you see howard and mcgee getting into it. flip saunders runs out and tries to protect -- look at them dancing around like they're really going to box. >> i love it. >> you know they're not going to do anything. wall, ilgauskas and howard all ejected from the game when it was all said and done. seven minutes to go. wizards down by four. they forced the turnover. jordan crawford comes up with it. jordan crawford had just a remarkable game. makes the spin move, hits the
6:52 pm
jumper, a career high 39 points. the wizards down by just two at this point. later on, it's crawford getting punked here a little bit by lebron james. lebron just shoves him down and then lebron dunks on jeffers. lebron gets away with -- it was terrible, the foul he committed. but it didn't matter in the end, because the heat win 123-107. >> i wonder if john wallin was thinking about taking him down. >> almost like a karate chop. >> like a big brother. >> you can tele had a momentary lapse, because right after he did it, he was like oh-oh. not boxing. moving on to high school hoops. a big, big tournament at georgetown prep, the best high school teams in the country are there. including oak hill academy and our own monday those christian from rockville. two guys in action this afternoon against john carol.
6:53 pm
monday those moving. michaelca remembera goes in for two of his 19 points. the venezuelan following in vasquez's footsteps. third quarter, justin anderson playing tough defense, getting a steal and he's going the other way for the dunk. nice play for anderson already committed to play for theterps. montrose moves on. some say the winner of this is the mythical national champion. mont dos rose christian has only doves one game the entire season. so they could be crowned national champions. that would be cool for the mustangs. it's starting to drizzle here a little bit and we're getting uncomfortable so we're going to toss it back to you. >> we thought you would be used to that by now. >>
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
the most recent winners of that mega millions jackpot has something of a tough decision to make. they're allstate workers up in new york. they pooled their money to buy lottery tickets. they have been doing it for years. but some co-workers who have always done it didn't get in on the ticket this time around. chris clackum now has more on plans to maybe share the wings. >> calling them the albany seven! >> reporter: seven state workers from albany, new york, each getting a share of the $319 million mega million jackpot. their office pool finally paid off. >> i checked the ticket, and i
6:57 pm
rechecked it, and i rechecked it, and rechecked it. and just couldn't believe it was real. >> reporter: the winning ticket was purchased at colson's news center by mike, who almost lost out when he bought a candy bar. >> this guy jumps in front of me. and i'm like, maybe i should say something, that was pretty rude. but i didn't. i was behaving myself. >> reporter: and for his good behavior, barth and the others will each take home $19 million. after taxes. co winner gabrielle maharr was the first to find out they won after watching last fright frye day's drawing and leaving a co-worker this message. >> i hope you were in the pool because we won. >> reporter: it was retrieved by john hillton from his office desk. >> i'm frantic now. what i did was put it in two ziploc bastion, a 5 gallon bucket of bird food i had in my garage and hid it in the basement. >> reporter: the seven also
6:58 pm
don't know what to do about five other co-workers who usually participate in the pool but didn't this time. >> we haven't made any decisions yet. >> nor have they decided whether to return to their jobs. now that they each have a slice of a fortune. chris clackum, nbc news. >> must be nice. >> second issue -- no. >> yeah, no job. >> don't go back to work. >> you've got to help out the other ones. >> how does it look? >> we're throwing everybody a little something. good news. i think we're going to see a pretty nice weekend out there. tomorrow, warmer. that's the good news. ten degrees above the day today. maybe early rain showers but then also afternoon sunshine on saturday expect a few more light showers, a high of 56. sunday looking like a great day with a high of 59 degrees. monday a chance of a shower or storm early in the day with a high of 60. and then we go up from there. it looks like on tuesday, some locations could be near 80 degrees.
6:59 pm
right now we're going in the mid to upper 70s with a good chance of showers and thunderstorms. we could see some more storms during the day on wednesday. but right now, looks like the coldest air may just be getting out of here. >> love it. >> glad to hear it. >> adios. >> about time. they found that snake, the one that's been missing from up in the bronx zoo. turns out, first of all, it's a she. and she didn't have anywhere near the exciting adventure that a spoof twitter account led people to believe. it was all garbage. zoo officials say they found the egyptian cobra this morning. by the way, that's a very poisonous snake. she was curled up in a dark corner of the reptile house, only about 200 feet from where she escaped about a week or so ago. once they determined everything is okay, with the snake, the zoo is going to reopen the exhibit and put her back on display. now that the snake is back, they'll try to figure out how she got loose in the first place. wouldn't you think they would find out that


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